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Professional Resume Writing Services

Times Resume provides Resume Writing Services to all job seekers in any city or country. Our Professional Services are delivered online over the internet. You can order your Resume or CV and Cover Letter right from the comfort of your home or office in any city or country in the world.

Our Expert Professional Resume Writers will craft our your Resume or CV and Cover Letter and deliver it in your email.  We will use the Best Resume Format as per your current job situation & Industry.

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Resume Writing Services in Mumbai







We are 100% sure about our quality and affordable cost.

We offer our customers a  30 days guarantee with absolutely  No questions asked.

Order Process:

1: Make your payment

2: Send us the payment details & your existing Resume via email

3: We shall ask you for additional details via email

4: Send us the additional details

5: We shall deliver the Final Draft within 2 to 5 business days.


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With Times Resumes, You are Guaranteed Interviews

The More Interviews you get the more are your chances to succeed in securing employment.


"A resume is an advertisement designed to get you an interview call".

Find out why a highly impressive Resume prepared by our Professional Resume Writers can help you to secure more Job interview calls.

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A Professional Resume Could Give You An Edge Over Your Competitors

In this modern, competitive, internet-driven age of job searches, your resume represents you before potential employers. It serves as your unique tool to attract attention and finally get a call for the job interview.

A High impact resume crafted by our expert resume writers will make you stand out from other candidates by showcasing your Skills and Aptitudes. Your Resume is your sales pitch – you need to sell yourself in the best possible way. Our resume writers Invest a lot of time and research into developing it.

Our make sure that your resume is error free – double check your grammar and spelling, make sure that all company and school names and cities are spelled correctly. If it contains errors, no matter how minimal, it will give your potential employer an impression that you do not pay attention to detail, that you don not devote enough time to double check your work, and also, that you are an ineffective communicator.

A well formatted resume would catch the employers eye and would render a distinct impression that you pay great attention to detail. You must use Times New Roman and Ariel only, as these are the standard basic fonts. Use only the standard font size and colours. Never use large fonts, multi-colours, bold, italicized, or large-cap text. Ensure that the resume format is uniform and that the resume looks great when viewed online as well as after it is printed out.

Our Professional Resume Writers limit the size of your Resume Format to one or two pages only - any additional pages could depict that you either don’t know how to incisively outline your educational qualifications and experience, or that you are listing non essential information just for the sake of filling up space.

If you don't know how to write a Resume, you must hire professional resume writing services to craft it for you. A well-written resume can make a difference between being stuck at your current employment and getting an interview to land the employment in the industry of your choice.

What is the Importance of honesty and originality in Writing Your Resume?"

In addition to listing your professional experience, education and qualifications, your Resume is a manifestation of exactly who you are. Take the time to compose your resume well and ensure that there are no errors or gaps in your employment periods that would raise questions. Emphasize upon the qualifications that show your employer that you are a polished, detail-oriented professional and present you as the best candidate for the job. In addition to presenting your professional career in the best light, you must make sure that your resume and your cover letter showcase your ethics and your sincerity.

This is surely a difficult task, as it is hard to communicate honesty and your good intents in a cover letter and a resume. Several employers may have a strict ‘no tolerance policy’ against dishonesty; therefore, you ought to be very careful in making sure that the information presented in your resume is authentic and truthful. Lies on a resume, whether intentional or otherwise, are not acceptable at all. However, there may be certain areas in your resume where you may unintentionally list incorrect information.

If you don’t want to find yourself appearing untruthful to your potential employer in your resume then you must pay great attention to the following aspects:-

- List your exact job title under professional experience section of your resume. Some professionals have job titles that are company specific and may not apply outside of the organization where they work. Always list your exact job position, but you may also add a few words that describe what you do in the sphere of the industry. This will help when your would be employer calls your past or existing employer for a reference check, they will not only corroborate your accurate title but will also know about the scope of your position as it applies outside of that specific organization.

- Don’t ever attempt to rely on guesswork when you are in doubt. For example, if you are not certain about the period of your employment with a particular company because it has been a long time since you worked for that company, simply call the HR department of the company and ask them to confirm the dates of your employment with them. Do not make supposition about titles of your references or their contact information. You must take your time to accurately verify the information, which you are unsure about, before including it on your resume.

- Do not hide the gaps in your employment period. It is quite okay to have gaps in your employment as most professionals have gaps in their experience for a variety of reasons. Do not try to conceal this from your potential employers. The best place to address the gaps in your work history is in your cover letter, and be honest and explain about the real reasons about why you were not working during a specific time period.

- Be honest about your achievements related to your previous employment periods. Instead of worrying about the qualifications you may not have under your belt, be confident and highlight your work experience and achievements in a straightforward manner. Do not exaggerate about your skills, professional roles, or stretch the employment dates. Work on presenting yourself and your qualifications in the best possible light; take the time to quantify each of your achievements, and compile an affirmative professional summary for your resume.

Conduct several revisions of your resume until the time you feel satisfied that all the information included in the resume or the cover letter is ingenuous and will not be questioned by the employer. The golden rule is to be entirely honest on your resume. Never ever try to break that rule.

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