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Getting Started with Resume Writing from scratch

When you face a blank page when trying to attempt resume writing for the first time can be very scary. You may wonder if you have enough to say about yourself to fill a page; you may have no idea about just how to list all of your skills and experience within a single sheet of paper. In order to get started, ask yourself some basic questions about your past jobs and also your career goals for the future.

Before you even begin resume writing all by yourself, define the exact reasons why you need one in the first place. While this may sound simple, you may just say “I want to secure a new job or Position.” You must first consider your career objective. Make certain that your goals and objectives are specific in terms of industry, position title, and future professional achievements. Once you are clear on the type of job that you are targeting, it will be much easier to craft out a resume that highlights your expertise especially in the area of your interest.

Once you have your career objective noted down on paper, you must do some research on the most appropriate format suitable for your resume, that is most commonly used and also be appropriate for your industry. You may conduct a search on the Internet to get a better idea of what a well-written professional resume looks like. Once you find a resume format that best suits your field and your career objective, use the same layout to get started.  

List your personal information at the top of the resume. Include your home address, contact phone number, and your email address. You must ensure that your email address looks professional, therefore make sure that it contains your name.

You must list all your experiences on a separate sheet of paper, before you begin listing the in your resume. List them in reverse chronological order, beginning with your most recent job first (possibly your present job). You must the list only up to three or four previous jobs that you have done, although make sure that your resume does not exceed two pages in length. Make sure that all your jobs are listed in order; don’t skip any of your employments as this will create gaps in your professional history.

List your Education in reverse chronological order. Start with your college attendance and move to your most recent accomplishments. If you do not have a college education, make sure to include any professional courses, even if they were taken as training at your previous jobs. This will help in showcasing your qualifications. Create a separate section to list all your skills and capabilities in your resume in bullet point form. Make sure to list all the abilities that confirm that you are the best candidate for the job that you are seeking.

No need to add references in your resume unless specifically asked for by your would be employers. However you must let your potential employer know that you can provide references if necessary. You can include a line at the end of your resume that clearly states, “References will be provided upon request.”

As your final check point, ask a friend or a family member to critically review your resume, and also give you feedback. Getting a few seniors or elders to review your resume would be beneficial. It would help you correct any typos, or even bring to your attention anything that appears unclear or confusing. A well-written, error-free resume will surely aid you put your secure the job that matches  your career goals.


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